Dave Hill, in The Guardian, today provides an update on developments over the dogtrack and promises more coverage of this issue in the New Year:


Meanwhile, Mother Nature has threatened to show up the cockamamy plans to build on the flood plain of the River Ching in the last few days. There have been very high water levels in the area where London and Quadrant's plans involve building on and then selling property to the gullible.

With the River Ching inches away from inundating the area, notwthstanding the efforts of the massive storm drains further down in the Lea Valley, (which were running as high and fast past Coppermill Lane as probably I'd ever seen them last night), prospective buyers should be aware that there is every chance that homes purchased on the dogtrack site could well have some very high insurance premiums indeed, if they will be insurable at all.

Update 24 January 2013: http://www.guardian-series.co.uk/news/wfnews/10183184.No_more_hope_for_campaigners_over_Walthamstow_Stadium/