A report by the Camden New Journal, which they call a 'special investigation' has trawled a few of the known sources of income of Councillor Clyde Loakes - and come up with an estimated income as a professional attender of local authority and assorted committee meetings - amounting, the paper reckons, to some £60,000 of the public's money. (I make it £57,850 using their more detailed figures, below)

From the taxpayers in Waltham Forest he milks some £31,000 in allowances as a councillor and 'cabinet' member, and enhances this by sitting on and chairing a number of committees which his councillorship has enabled him to lever himself onto. Thus he rakes in £6000 a year for two days' work a month with the London Waste and Recycling Board, £5,250 a year as a board member of 'London Councils', a body set up by 33 councils to 'promote their work', (as if it actually needed promotion), and another £15,600 a year as the vice-chairman of the Local Government Associationís Environment and Housing Board. They also say he is something called a 'regional peer', which is a job title which has no known existence in the British constitution and for which candidates at the local job centre need not aspire.

The Camden New Journal has not asked itself what other expenses, perks, etc. Mr Loakes might be enjoying as a result of all this committeemanship. On the members' register of interests at Waltham Forest Council, Mr Loakes declared on 28th September 2012 that he is also available for hire as a "Self-employed Local Government Consultant." Who hires him, what for, and for how much, is not known.

On 21/06/2012 he accepted a ticket to the Municipal Journal Awards. These were offered by JB Riney and Co. of 455 Wick Lane, London E3 2TB; He recieved 'meals and drinks' to the value of £165.

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