Waltham Forest has made the Rotten Boroughs page in Private Eye. Again.

Private Eye no. 1321 24/08- 06/09 2012:

"Chariots of Ire

A Gold medal of ineptitude for Waltham Forest Council whose attempt to cash in on the Olympics left dozens of small businesses on the brink of ruin..."

In fairness to the people at Private Eye, who have to make a living from sales of their magazine, I shall not copy out their whole piece. Pop along to a newsagent and buy a copy to see their full report on the fiasco in Leyton. This scandal has already caused the resignation of Mr Ince at North London Business.

I don't expect the council to report all this to local residents on their own website or in their propaganda sheet Waltham Forest News, and they may think that the local paper or the columns of Private Eye do not have a very wide readership. Maybe. Maybe those responsible at the council hope that if they all keep quiet, everything will just go away.

Something tells me it might not. I think this fiasco is going to be included among the many popular talking points which do the rounds where Chris Robbins' unpopular administration is concerned: one of the Archipelago's co-conspirators was intrigued to overhear three seemingly very knowledgeable local ladies gossipping about it for nearly the entire length of Northcote Road the other day.

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And for another, completely different, scandal: http://www.guardian-series.co.uk/news/wfnews/9887170.WALTHAM_FOREST__Further_concern_over_help_for_jobless/