I see that the topic of rubbish services from the council has got many people fed up again locally. The local paper is doing its duty and highlighting the shambles, the online edition full of comment on the dreadful combination of Councillor Clyde Loakes and the jokers at Kier Group being let loose on our local waste disposal system.

Highlights of the current fiasco include the previous contractors taking their rubbish lorries somewhere else and the council's prefered contractors bringing in tiny and somewhat ancient vehicles from somewhere in France. God knows where their crews are from, but they have been caught putting all the carefully stacked rubbish the locals have been threatened with 1000 fines to separate straight into the same dustcarts as the trash on its way to landfill.

Other treats include people being told they were having their collection days changed but the council then not following the new timetables, and the council deciding to commandeer even more of peoples' private property to park yet more ugly plastic wheelie bins on (the next lot will be brown, if they ever turn up). This, I am expecting, will cause some problems from the nosey parkers with clipboards for people who actually recycle much of our own waste already without the help or intervention of the council. As the expected recyclables fail to appear in the council's compulsory bins, I expect municipal bottom inspectors to start turning up on doorsteps around the borough wanting to know where the statistically expected cardboard and green matters has gone to.

Incidentally, those who have been having the previous useless boxes - useless as recepticals for recycling paper because they had no lids - taken from them are reporting that the teams who have done this have also been throwing the boxes straight into the piles destined for landfill. This is a pity. If people could turn the paper and other organic matter they don't give to the council to compost and fill the boxes up with it, they'd make great little boxes for growing lettuces in, (or so I understand).