There seems quite a pattern of unhappiness being created by the activities of London Quadrant. Having really upset our MPs, English Heritage and a huge number of residents over their plans for the dogtrack, residents in various other parts of the borough are organising themselves to oppose other plans to build - from Grange Road at the back of Lynmouth Road (near St James' Street) to Walton Road in Chingford.

In Grange Road, London and Quadrant has submitted an application to build three blocks of 39 rabbit hutches (they called them 'residential units' with provision for a mere 15 parking spaces. The proposed properties will be jammed in along the back of Lynmouth Road on land adjacent to the Chingford-Liverpool Street railway.

The plans include three and four-storey blocks of 10 three and four bedroom houses and 29 one and two-bedroom flats, which will be overlooking the homes of people on Lynmouth Road from just a few yards away.

Laurence Gascoigne, a local artist also known as 'Spike', is in the process of getting people organised in the Grange Road area by circulating a petition.

Meanwhile Save Our Stow campaigners are this evening appealing directly to local councillors to back the public and kick L&Qs plans for the dogtrack into touch, in advance of a debate on the issues in Parliament next week. It looks like we are getting to the point where lines are going to be drawn in the sand. It is known that L&Q has had some support in the council in the past, but how much support they have left is not too clear.

It is clear that standing in the way of the public's will over the dogtrack is not going to do any careers any good, as this is going to be a key political issue for years to come.

Nimble footwork may be needed by those councillors currently on the wrong side of these issues if they have any ambitions to be re-elected after their current term.