Am I the only person who gets a shiver down my spine when I see the massive amount of propaganda that gets pumped out by our local authority? On Blackhorse Road there are five huge advertising hoardings near the tube station (opposite where the martial arts academy used to be till their landlord evicted everyone from the building.) Every single one of these hoardings has been taken up by a massive message on it from our council. From left to right:

"Boris - Waltham Forest Needs Your back-up" - a huge advert posted up trying to blame Boris Johnson for the lack of police in the neighbourhood and by implication for all the crime which has rocketted in this borough in recent years against general trends elsewhere in London. Presumably they could have written the Mayor a letter for less or had a word the other day when he was in Leytonstone to discuss gang crime.

"Make your opinion Count" - an advert pretending that what people think about where the cuts will fall will be the basis by which they will be made. Some people, of course, believe there should be no cuts at all or that they should cut the salaries of all the top-earning officers along with the allowances of the councillors. Others think the council should cut out the propaganda and waste first instead of choosing to cut front line childrens' services for what seem to be party political reasons. They will probably be ignored.

"Proud Host to the Olympic Games - Waltham Forest 'Its happening here'". (Where Walthamstow is concerned, this is basically a lie.)

"Its Criminal" Telling people not to drop litter or face an 80 fine. This rarely, if ever happens.

"Its Criminal" - Telling people not to fly tip or face prosecution. These two last adverts are 'sponsored' to some extent or other by Riney, a firm which regularly channels funds to pay for bullshit and thus gets a lot of the councils' construction work. Freewheeler doesn't seem to like them.

I can't fault the sentiments of the last two, but have to question why they are such massive adverts. I also wonder whether it is not altogether tactless in a borough where rapes and murders are serious concerns for the council to appear to be prioritising litter in this manner. The street shrine to Ezekiel Amosu, the young man who was killed when allegedly chased by a gang into the path of a bus the other day is about 100m away round the corner on Forest Road.