As the UK's out of control public debts top the trillion pound mark, there is news from two-star Waltham Forest that the council's spending is also still out of control, the regime in charge of the current budget being expected to fail to meet their financial commitments to the taxpayers of this borough by some 3million pounds.

The story, spun to the Waltham Forest Guardian, with no names no packdrill, mentions the usual 'musical rides' of 'front line services under threat' if the councillors aren't forgiven for blowing the public budget yet again. It seems that despite knowing full well they don't have the money, they are claiming to have overspent by 3million.

Thus it is that the Labour controlled council tries to subtly remind us of the dosh they spend on children and adult social care, though they don't seem so interested in telling us what they are doing to recover all the funds that have been stolen from taxpayers or wasted over many many years in our corrupted borough council on propaganda, political campaigns masquerading as public education and 'community involvement', on troughery, fripperies, rewarding failure, the self-aggrandisement of mediocrities and all manner of ill-thought-out schemes.