The area around the junctions of Palmerston Road and Higham Hill Roads with Forest Road, which I have blogged about on and off for some time, has a certain attraction for a particular kind of film-maker who likes to round up impressionable young men to wrap up warm and wiggle their fingers about. Who exactly does all the egging-on is interesting to me. Some of these lads (Wild, Sneakz, Blittz, Tich, Slasha & T Man) are saying things they may later regret when taken down in evidence or even if it is just shown to their mothers.

For what it is worth, here is a piece from Cold Cash TV, portraying one such a local group, wandering around the area they call 'Lower Walthamstow' in search of some attention and what they confuse for respect. [Gullyside, by the way, is a cultural reference to an area alleged to be controlled by a gang in Jamaica]. At one point they are to be seen outside the Tennessee Chicken and Ribs shop, which is presumably where they blow some of their pocket-money when they aren't making vague and not so vague threats to the camera.

The masks these lads have over the noses are not such a bad idea, by the way. Poor air quality at traffic choke points like this one is causing some 128 people to die every year in Waltham Forest, according to a report by the Institute of Occupational Medicine commissioned by Boris Johnson. That would be a lot more deaths by breathing than slipping.

The UK government faces fines of some 300m by the European commission for its failure to deal with air pollution, though sending that much cold cash over to Brussels for the gangsters there to spend on their unaudited budgets and MEP expenses scams is not going to help the lads in this video breath more freely in the limited stretches of our streets which our other local gangs let them proclaim as home.