Katy Carr will be putting on two sets on Saturday at the somewhat off-puttingly-named Walthamstow Green Fair, a fun event, no doubt, being held on public land by someone or other in the council as an attempt to entertain, educate, awarenessness-raise, ingratiate or somesuch. Let's hope the weather's good.

Ms Carr gets two bites at the cherry, playing with a band called the Aviators at around 3.00pm for 45 minutes on the main stage, and again at at the 'Portavillion tent' at 5.45pm.

The event is from 1.00pm to 6.00pm in Lloyd Park, behind the William Morris museum on Forest Road and is free. (Other entertainments include Reverso, Takilo, Kasai Masai and sadly - the likely low point for people who don't like this egotistical stuff involving twerps with mikes shouting at the crowd - the Latin Dub Sound System.)

Here is Ms Carr a couple of years ago at the Royal Opera House:

[Update 28 June 2010: For a review of all the excitement of her sets and his usual pithy take on the Green Fair as a whole, one can't do better than taking a peek at Freewheeler's blog posts on the subject:

http://crapwalthamforest.blogspot.com/2010/06/what-katy-carr-did-next.html ]