'So, farewell then Andrew Kilburn, who, a year after being appointed chief executive of Waltham Forest council with a remit to clean up the town hall, has been given the boot after foolishly attempting to, er, clean up the town hall.

With the council having been dogged by a series of scandals, covering everything from millions of pounds going missing in different departments and contracts being handed out illegally (Eyes 1254 & 1258), one of Kilburn's first acts was to set up an independent investigation to identify those responsible.

Among four councillors fingered by Kilburn's investigation were Labour council leader Chris Robbins and his predecessor Clyde Loakes, who recently put his council duties on the back burner while he concentrated on a (failed) attempt to become MP for Northampton South.

Following the publication of the investigation's report, Robbins issued an apology and promised "a new era of openness and transparency". But that was before 6 May, when Labour was in coalition with the Lib Dems. After the election, with Labour in sole charge, Kilburn was given his marching orders, helped on his way by a six-figure leaving present in return for a gagging order'.
Private Eye No.1265, 28 June-8 July, p.13.

(Hat-tip to NT)