For some months I have been writing about the strange doings in the Liberal Democrats, and warning that a party divided is unlikely to find that people will vote for its candidates.

I am not the only person to have noticed what had been going on. As well known but confused and distressed sitting councillors found themselves having to stand and lose as Independents, it was all rather hard to miss. The electorate certainly didn't fail to take note yesterday. They have voted in massive numbers to punish everyone involved - not just the deselected councillors, but those who tried to replace them AND those colleagues who helped engineering the shenanigans. Thus the local political scene is saying goodbye to Johar Khan, erstwhile coup leader and now de facto Leader of no-one in the Liberal Democrat Group on Waltham Forest Council. (He also failed to make it as a candidate in Enfield Southgate.)

Also rejected in the High Street was the LibDem Membership Secretary Mahmoud Hussain (who polled more than his squabbling colleagues but was 900 votes short of what Labour managed to muster for their third-most successful candidate). James O'Rourke was also swept aside in 58.74% turnout which translated into a torrent of votes for Labour.

Other victims of the Liberal Democrats' pre-election hubris included Bob Wheatley in William Morris ward, who'd allied with Johar Khan in the deselection coup. In fact, to put it bluntly the Liberal Democrats have been wiped out in Walthamstow, winning nothing new and losing all they had, despite the party pouring money into the election campaign that coincided with the general election. Walthamstow is now a one-party state.

If anyone other than the guilty parties wants to conduct a post-mortem on the corpse of local democracy, please let me know.