Former Council Leader Clyde Loakes is such a massive embarrassment to Stella Creasy that she has virtually airbrushed him out of history. A look at her website will get just a single photo and the answer "Entries tagged with “Clyde Loakes”. No pages were found containing “Clyde Loakes”."

How ungrateful is that? Stella was a councillor in our corrupted council for Lea Bridge Ward from 2002, as well as being the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Chief Whip under Clyde Loakes' leadership from July 2003. She seemed proud to know Mr Loakes back then. I wonder what has changed?

But then again, type in the word 'Robbins' and her site also confirms that there is no entry containing the name of the current Leader of Waltham Forest Council. This is a comrade Ms Creasy is allegedly going to be sharing the Labour ticket with when the election is eventually called. Yet he doesn't even warrant a photo. Ms Creasy can be pretty ruthless when it comes to airbrushing the past, if it looks like it smells of failure.

If we were to believe for one minute the signatures at the bottom of the letter published on the Save our Stow website of 25 June 2009, you would think they were bossom pals, standing shoulder to shoulder to Save Our Stow.

Back then they were supposed to be fighting together along with the rest of the Labour Party councillors to prevent L&Q from building on the site of the dogtrack. L&Q though have different ideas and plan to develop (with disingenuous help from the council) once the sham public consultations have got out of the way.

It seems it is is not just people who get airbrushed from the life and concerns of Ms Creasy. Whole political campaigns can do that too. Anyone seen Ms Creasy's prominent photo at the demonstration today against the plans (drawn up with council help) to redevelop the Stow? In fact, you won't find any mention of the demonstration on her website. Back in August 2008 you could have been fooled into thinking there was nothing more important on Ms Creasy's mind. Back then it was all breathless updates and 'sign this petition' from Ms Creasy. She was posing as if she was practically running what has been quite a popular effort to save the Stow herself, down to the minutest details:

"Further to my earlier post about the future of Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium, the consortium has now made a serious offer to buy back the site from its new owners the Housing Association London and Quadrant. Currently the track is due to close on the 16 August so on that saturday there will be a rally and march to urge L&Q to enter into negotiations with the consortium to see if a deal can be done to keep racing at the track. The campaign will begin with a rally at the dog track itself at noon and will then process down Chingford Road and onto Forest Road. There'll be a wedding at the Town Hall so in order to respect the wedding party, the march will pass by the Town Hall and disperse at Spruce Hills Road. There is also a petition you can sign on-line to help show the strength of feeling on this point which will be handed to L&Q. There are 800 jobs and nearly 80 years of history at stake so I hope you will join myself and Neil Gerrard there in showing support for the Save our Stow campaign".

Even last October, Ms Creasy was prepared to write a mealy-mouthed 'To Whom it may Concern letter' and stick it up on the web. Well, it was the least she could do. Today, Teddy Sherringham turned up in person to pull in the crowds for the Save our Stow campaign but this doesn't merit a word on Ms Creasy's website. Labour councillors are no longer pretending they are trying the save the dog track and yesterday issued a pathetic statement without Ms Creasy's name on it. This is a capitulation, but one which pleads with the developers wait until after the election before taking the next steps. The statement said:

“Waltham Forest Labour group are very disappointed that a development company, TP Bennett and London & Quadrant Housing Association have decided to start a public consultation about their plans for a housing development on the site of the Walthamstow dog track.

“Whilst there is a significant need for affordable housing in the borough there is also a need for leisure facilities. We are pleased that there are still leisure options being put forward for the dog track and it is important that these are fully explored.

“Therefore we are calling on TP Bennett and London & Quadrant Housing Association to put on hold their planning application for a housing development so that these leisure options can be further explored.”