Some of the poor children at Mission Grove School have recently been pestered by Mike Foster, an unremarkable politician currently taking on the guise of International Development Minister and in need of a few photo ops with children during school hours.

The pathetic evidence of this non-entity's activities is to be found on the official DFID website, where the children are alleged to have "learned how their eco-friendly actions in Walthamstow can have an impact on the rest of the world" by turning off a light, walking to school or interacting with a complete political no-body before he flies off with Miliband to Copenhagen, no doubt polluting the skies above the borough in the process and drowning out their enjoyment of play-time with aircraft noise.

I have discussed astroturfing and the abuse of children by politicians before.

The bowl of fruit was a nice touch.

[Updated 12 November 2009]