I see that Ms Creasy has stopped worrying about the bat population and decided to do some politics. Whether this is effective politics or not will be for the elections of course, but she has arranged for some leaflets to be put through the doors.

There are some interesting claims. She says that the Labour Party, and presumably Ms Creasy personally, is:

campaigning for more police for our streets
fighting to save Walthamstow's EMD cinema
Lobbying to get Walthamstow's dog track re-opened
Leading local action on climate change and bringing Ed Miliband to Walthamstow
tackling child poverty and family debt in partnership with voluntary organisations

She also says that the streets are rubbish, that this is the LibDems responsibility and asks, would you want them to run our schools? I take all this to mean that Labour has woken up. They may even lose this place if they don"t stop dreaming about bats and start looking at the things that really bother people.