At the end of May, my thoughts turned to Wei Ma, a man whose life had hit the buffers as all the dreams he'd brought with him to the Walthamstow area from China turned to dust. He'd eventually found himself directing all his hopes on one woman, whose jealous partner he stabbed to death.

I commented that I find it interesting how murders are thought about and portrayed locally. Sometimes, like Yusuf Miiro, the victim is a rising star, cut off violently in his prime with the brightest and most noble of futures ahead of him. At other times news leaks out that he ran with the wrong crowd, as if the slaying was somehow just waiting to happen.

I thought that for whoever is the victim, we must never forget that the ripples of crimes wash up on beaches very far afield, and touch the hearts of many people, here and abroad. Charles 'CJ' Hendricks death caused the cancellation of local olympic celebrations (by a choir which would have seen some irony in the circumstances). His family are still sorely grieving their loss and probably will forever.

Today, an anonymous young man accused of Mr Hendricks' murder has been acquitted of the charges. He had successfully put forward a defence that CJ Hendricks had himself been an aggressor with the knife that killed him, in a far more complicated scenario than makes for easy headlines. I wonder how this young man had felt as the jury deliberated, or indeed throughout this whole episode, knowing that he was accused of the dreadful slaying of an apparently popular young man, a man portrayed as an innocent victim in all this.

As the innocent accused, he will find there will be few marches in his honour or speeches made. He will be forgotten , by nearly everyone, like the man who was wrongly accused of killing Melita Jo, but the scars will remain and the course of his life will be changed for ever.