Police took 36 hours to respond to 999 calls about the attempted rape of a 24 year old woman in Walthamstow last Wednesday.

A man who had torn the clothes off and tried to rape the woman just yards from her doorstep initially fled after a neighbour heard her screams and dialled 999. He was however still lurking nearby, in sight of his victim, an hour later but despite the neighbour telling the emergency switchboard she could actually see him near the victim's home, police took 36 hours to arrive. The Asian man, aged between 20 and 25 and wearing a shiny black jacket, blue jeans and dark trainers man, unsurprisingly, has not been caught.

The victim, who was so distressed by the attack she was too afraid to leave her home for three days, said: I just thank God my neighbour was there because it could have been a lot worse. I want to alert other women that this guy is out there."

I cant remember what was going through my mind. I was so scared.

Im also really angry that it took the police so long to respond and they did not interview me until 11pm the next day.

My husband and my neighbour called them but they didnt seem to want to take it seriously.

The Borough Commander, Mark Benbow, was recently given a bullshit award by local politicians from our corrupted council for the 'cohesion' of the 'community' he claims to police. I think, on this evidence, he is not very good at his job. Judging by his photograph, posing at the ceremony in a tuxedo, he might make someone a good doorman.

Melita Jo's killer is also still at large, not that anyone in the local police seem to be doing much about it.