A secret plan to refurbish the library building as a drug drop in/rehabilitation centre has been defeated, with the £350,000 allocated to that purpose removed from the budget at a meeting of the council's 2009/10 Capital Programm.

I should thank James O'Rourke, (the only councillor in High Street ward who gave a damn), for his invaluable assistance and advice to concerned residents in handling this issue.


The St James's Street Library campaigners have therefore had a rare piece of good news in their fight to stop their local library, currently closed, being used for other purposes, thus making its re-openning impossible. They are still a long way away from their goal, and it is noticiable that Mr O'Rourke is not promising too much at this stage:

"This is a victory for the residents and schools who have raised their concerns and objections about this proposal with us.

“Now we need to do two things. Ensure the much needed drugs rehabilition facility finds an appropriate home and campaign for the building to used for the benefit of the whole community in High Street ward.”

A building "to used for the benefit of the whole community" in High Street ward, is not the same thing as a library, but it does not rule it out.